River Expeditions

Do More. See More. Be More!

Rivers are the life blood of our planet, there is no better way to get in tune with yourself and nature than spending multiple days self supported on a river.

Multi Day

We have a number of multi day river trips and packages that include tented camps or wilderness camping. There are interesting rivers with multi day options from the Cape all the way up. Our preferred trips are on the Vaal and Orange river but we do have offers on some lesser known rivers. Get in touch to find out more.

Explore Rivers

There are many rivers that do not have commercial operations on them, we are happy to take groups to explore these rivers both here and across the continent. So for those brave enough to venture into the unknown, let’s create the adventure.

Do It Your Way

Is there a specific river or area you want to explore? Perhaps a section of river you want to paddle and want to design the experience yourself? Give us a shout and we will put our Travel Designers to work on generating your specific river experience.

Let’s make something beautiful together.