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Wild Compass Experiences was started by Jono and Jo, an adventurous couple who spend their free time exploring hidden gems and sourcing unique experiences where they can enjoy each other’s company and connect with nature. Jono used to work as an operations manager for an expedition company as well as in events and team building before moving towards his passions. When Jo left the magazine stylist industry, they decided to pursue their dreams of helping people experience their best life, outdoors and in an extraordinary way.


Wild Compass Experiences offers experiences that range from big to small; think kids birthday parties and picnics in your own garden, single & multi-day adventures into some of the most beautiful parts of the world, big multi-day expeditions into the most remote parts of our planet… whatever wilderness related experience you can dream up, we can create.


Wild Compass Experiences was born when Jono and Jo realised the need so many people have to get into nature but don’t have the know-how or time to design such escapades. We decided to use our knowledge of travel, guiding, production and love of adventure to open Wild Compass Experiences in order to offer customised wilderness adventures.

We hope that this will help people to become healthier mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually as a result of their interactions with the natural world. This, in turn, will promote awareness in saving and preserving nature, its benefits, and the need to protect it.

We cater to all people, tastes, experiences and desires, using the outdoors not only to satisfy the need for adrenaline but to create a holistic experience. We want our guests to walk away having enjoyed every aspect from start to finish. We aim for you to have an amazing time, push your boundaries a little, create memories, connect with yourself and with nature, and feel fully charged and recharged at the end of it all.

It’s so much more than a raft trip or hike and a soggy sandwich; we want to make one of your lifelong dreams come true.

Hi my name is Jono,

I have had a passion for nature and wild places since I was a child.

As I grew, up I spent more and more time exploring the outdoors. Naturally I pursued and learned skills that would help me enjoy it more and give me the ability to access more remote areas.

After school, I worked as a river guide before working in the festival and events industry – think Afrika Burn and other amazing locations around the world; but the yearning for adventure was too strong, so I started working as a tour leader on overland trucks taking up to 22 clients through Africa; essentially, a self contained mobile camp unit. Clients experienced wonders such as Etosha Pan, Chobe, Kruger Park, Sossusvlei, Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls and so so much more. We not only transported them to these wonderful places but also cooked three meals a day and arranged all activities from the truck with ingredients sourced locally in the areas we travelled through.

After another short stint exploring the world while running events, I became an expedition leader for a company that specialises in taking school children on student-led educational expeditions to third world countries. 

Two of my main hobbies are white water kayaking and adventure racing.

I am a qualified Level 3 First Aider, trained as a Wild Medic, White Water Trip Leader, Advanced Mountain Leader and Field Guide as well as registered Outdoor Guide in South Africa.

I look forward to sharing this beautiful planet and the adventures it has to offer with you on your next Wild Compass Experience. 

Hi I am Jo,

I enjoy special experiences, finding undiscovered places, an active outdoor lifestyle, attention to detail and I may be bit of a perfectionist.

Having delved into various creative positions throughout my life such as interior design, merchandising, photography and production, I landed and loved working as a food and interior stylist in the magazine and creative industry, before a short stint in hospitality at a lodge in the bush.

This bush experience made me aware of how much the adventure travel industry lacks attention to detail and the finesse needed to make these great adventures truly memorable experiences. Luxury game farms and lodges create the most amazing environment to soak in nature, but why has the rest of the adventure travel industry not followed suit?
Well, we have!

Time and time again I’ve found solace in nature, the natural boost it gives, and am very aware of the need for my whole being to have moments of immersion in the energy of these wild places, to feel truly whole and rejuvenated.

This is the reason I wanted to get involved in creating holistic experiences in nature, an opportunity for every person to walk away feeling connected, motivated, energised and totally wowed.

…I also suffer from wanderlust and have a strong belief in the benefits of nature & fresh air aiding in creating a healthier lifestyle.

I Look forward to seeing you on one of our magical Wild Compass Experiences soon.